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Used Komatsu PC200-8, Year 2018, 2600H

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Model Komatsu Excavator PC200-8
Year of Manufacture 2018
Working Hour 2600 H
Engine Komatsu SAA6D
Bucket Size 0.8 M3
Operate Weight 20010 KG

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Low Fuel Consumption

The newly-developed Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine enables NOx emissions to be significantly reduced with the accurate multi-staged fuel injection by the engine controller. It improves total engine durability using the high-pressure fuel injection system developed specifically for construction machinery. This excavator significantly reduces hourly fuel consumption using the highly-efficient matching techniques of the engine and hydraulic unit and also provides features that promote energy-saving operations such as the E mode and ECO gauge.

Komatsu Technology

Komatsu develops and produces all major components, such as engines, electronics and hydraulic components, in house. With this “Komatsu Technology” and adding customer feedback, Komatsu is achieving great advancements in technology. To achieve both high levels of productivity and economical performance, Komatsu has developed the main components with a total control system. The result is a new generation of high performance and environmentfriendly excavators.

ECO Gauge that Assists Energy-saving Operations

Equipped with the ECO gauge that can be recognized at a glance on the right of the multi-function color monitor for environment-friendly energysaving operations. Allows focus on operation in the green range with reduced CO2 emissions and efficient fuel consumption.

Working Modes Selectable

Two established work modes are further improved. P mode – Power or work priority mode has low fuel consumption, but fast equipment speed and maximum production and power are maintained.

E mode – Economy or fuel priority mode further reduces fuel consumption, but maintains the P-mode-like working equipment speed for light duty work. You can select Power or Economy modes using a one-touch operation on the monitor panel depending on workloads.

komatsu excavator size

Komatsu excavators come in a wide range of sizes to suit various applications and job sites. The size of an excavator is typically measured by its operating weight, which includes the weight of the machine plus the weight of any attachments or load it may be carrying. Below are some of the common Komatsu excavator sizes and their corresponding operating weights:

  1. Mini excavators: These compact excavators typically have an operating weight of less than 6 tons.
  2. Small excavators: These excavators have an operating weight of 6-10 tons and are suitable for light to medium-duty excavation and construction work.
  3. Medium excavators: These excavators have an operating weight of 10-25 tons and are commonly used in heavy construction, mining, and quarrying applications.
  4. Large excavators: These excavators have an operating weight of 25-45 tons and are suitable for heavy-duty earthmoving, mining, and quarrying tasks.
  5. Ultra-large excavators: These are the largest excavators in the Komatsu lineup, with operating weights of up to 710 tons. They are designed for large-scale mining and earthmoving projects.