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Used Cat 336D, Year 2017, 2800H

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Model CAT Excavator 336D
Year of Manufacture 2017
Working Hour 2800H
Engine Cat C9
Bucket Size 1.6 M3
Operate Weight 33000 KG

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336D Excavator Overview

Increased work tool options, new powerful engine and easier operation lead to increased productivity and lower operating costs.

Engine: Cat C9

The Cat C9 with ACERT™ Technology introduces a series of evolutionary, incremental improvements that provide breakthrough engine technology. The building blocks of ACERT Technology are fuel delivery, air management and electronic control. ACERT Technology optimizes engine performance while meeting EU Stage II engine emission regulations for off-road applications. By combining ACERT Technology with the new Economy Mode, customers can balance the demands of performance and fuel economy to suit their requirements and application.

Component Layout

The 336D hydraulic system and component locations have been designed to provide a high level of system efficiency. The main pumps, control valves and hydraulic tank are located close together to allow for shorter tubes and lines between components which reduces friction loss and pressure drops in the lines. The layout further provides greater operator comfort by placing the radiator on the cab side of the upper structure. This allows incoming air to enter the engine compartment from the operator side and hot air and corresponding engine sound to exit on the opposite side away from the operator. This reduces engine compartment heat and sound being transmitted to the operator.

Pilot System

The pilot pump is independent from the main pumps and controls the front linkage, swing and travel operations.

Hydraulic Cross Sensing System

The hydraulic cross sensing system utilizes each of two hydraulic pumps to 100 percent of engine power, under all operating conditions. This improves productivity with faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.

Boom and Stick Regeneration Circuit

Boom and stick regeneration circuit saves energy during boom-down and stick-in operation which increases efficiency, reduces cycle times and pressure loss for higher productivity, lower operating costs and increased fuel efficiency.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve

The auxiliary valve is standard on the 330D. Control Circuits are available as attachments, allowing for operation of high and medium pressure tools such as shears, grapples, hammers, pulverizers, multi-processors and vibratory plate compactors.

Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers

Snubbers are located at the rod-end of the boom cylinders and both ends of the stick cylinders to cushion shocks while reducing sound levels and extending component life.

Caterpillar Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

The new Caterpillar K Series GET is featured on the new buckets. This new GET system uses a hammerless vertical retainer, which is easier to remove and install than the Cat J Series pin. The new tooth shapes are more aggressive and offer better penetration than the previous generation of tips. There is also a variety of side cutters and sidebar protectors to match operating conditions.

Cat® thumbs multiply the capabilities of your excavator. This highly flexible tool works in conjunction with the bucket to transform an excavator into a highly versatile material-handling machine.