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Used Excavator Hitachi EX60, Year 1996, 4350H

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Model Hitachi Excavator EX60
Year of Manufacture 1996
Working Hour 4350 H
Engine Nissan engine
Bucket Size 0.28 M3
Operate Weight 6300 KG

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Hitachi Excavator EX60 Application

The Hitachi EX60 excavator is a versatile machine that can be used for various applications in the construction, mining, and forestry industries. Here are some of its common applications:

  1. Earthmoving and excavation: The EX60 is primarily designed for excavation work, including digging foundations, trenches, and holes for utilities. Its compact size and maneuverability make it well-suited for working in tight spaces.
  2. Material handling: The excavator can be equipped with various attachments such as buckets, grapples, and hammers to handle and move different materials, including soil, rocks, logs, and scrap metal.
  3. Demolition: The EX60 can be used to demolish structures such as buildings, bridges, and roads. With the right attachment, it can break up concrete, asphalt, and other materials.
  4. Forestry: The excavator is also useful in the forestry industry for clearing land, removing stumps and roots, and building access roads.
  5. Mining: The EX60 can be used in mining operations for digging and hauling ore and other materials.

Overall, the Hitachi EX60 is a reliable and versatile excavator that can be used for a wide range of applications. Its compact size and maneuverability make it ideal for working in tight spaces, while its power and flexibility make it capable of handling a variety of tasks.

Hitachi excavator

Here are some specifications for the Hitachi EX60 excavator:


  • Model: Isuzu 4BG1T
  • Net power: 39.5 kW (52.9 hp) at 2,000 rpm
  • Displacement: 4.3 L

Hydraulic System:

  • Type: Open-center, two-pump, two-circuit system
  • Main pumps: Two variable-displacement piston pumps
  • Max. flow rate: 2 x 59.2 L/min (2 x 15.6 US gpm)
  • Max. pressure: 28.4 MPa (284 kgf/cm², 4,120 psi)
  • Hydraulic tank capacity: 72 L (19 US gal)

Operating Weight:

  • Operating weight (including arm and bucket): 6,050 kg (13,340 lb)


  • Track shoe width: 450 mm (17.7 in)
  • Track gauge: 1,980 mm (6 ft 6 in)
  • Ground pressure: 33.5 kPa (0.34 kgf/cm², 4.86 psi)


  • Overall length: 6,305 mm (20 ft 8 in)
  • Overall width: 2,200 mm (7 ft 3 in)
  • Overall height: 2,675 mm (8 ft 9 in)
  • Max. digging depth: 4,010 mm (13 ft 2 in)
  • Max. dumping height: 5,375 mm (17 ft 7 in)
  • Max. digging reach: 6,460 mm (21 ft 2 in)

These specifications may vary depending on the specific model and options chosen for the Hitachi EX60 excavator.

Hitachi Excavator EX60 Features

The Hitachi EX60 is a compact excavator designed for a variety of applications. Some of its features include:

  1. Engine: The EX60 is powered by a reliable and efficient Isuzu 4LE2 engine that delivers 53 horsepower.
  2. Operating Weight: The operating weight of the EX60 ranges from 5,930 kg to 6,180 kg, depending on the configuration.
  3. Bucket Capacity: The standard bucket capacity is 0.21 cubic meters, but the excavator can be fitted with buckets ranging from 0.09 to 0.26 cubic meters.
  4. Digging Depth: The maximum digging depth is 3,890 mm, which is suitable for a range of excavation tasks.
  5. Swing Speed: The EX60 has a swing speed of 10.5 rpm, allowing it to work quickly and efficiently.
  6. Cab: The spacious cab is designed for comfort and convenience, with an adjustable seat, ergonomic controls, and excellent visibility.
  7. Track Type: The EX60 has steel tracks with rubber pads, which provide good traction and reduce ground pressure.
  8. Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system is designed for smooth and precise operation, with multiple attachments available for different tasks.
  9. Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank has a capacity of 130 liters, allowing the excavator to work for extended periods without refueling.

Overall, the Hitachi EX60 is a versatile and reliable excavator that is suitable for a wide range of construction, landscaping, and excavation tasks.

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