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Used Excavator Cat/Caterpillar 320D, Year 2017, 2750H

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Model Cat 320D
Year of Manufacture 2017
Working Hour 2750 H
Engine Cat 3066
Bucket Size 0.9 M3
Operate Weight 21000 KG

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320D Hydraulic Excavator

The D Series incorporates nnovations for improved performance and versatility.

Engine and Hydraulics

Component Layout. The 320D Excavator hydraulic system and component locations have been designed to provide a high level of system efficiency. The main pumps, control valves and hydraulic tank are located close together to allow for shorter tubes and lines between components, which reduce friction loss, and pressure drops in the lines. The layout further provides greater operator comfort by placing the radiator on the cab side of the upper structure. This allows incoming air to enter the engine compartment from the operator side and hot air and corresponding engine sound to exit on the opposite side away from the operator. This reduces engine compartment heat and sound being transmitted to the operator.

The Cat C6.4 with ACERT™ Technology introduces a series of evolutionary, incremental improvements that provide breakthrough engine technology. The building blocks of ACERT Technology are fuel delivery, air management and electronic control. ACERT Technology optimizes engine performance while meeting global low emission regulations. With its proven technology, robust components and precision manufacturing, you can count on this engine to power up at start time and keep working productively all shift long.

Cat® 320D Total Solutions

Your excavator is more than a piece of equipment; it’s your livelihood.

More Than a Machine.

The Caterpillar 320D excavator provides all the elements to give you the lowest cost to own and operate. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much work you got done and how much did it cost you. Caterpillar and the 320D offer you the tools to help lower you owning and operating costs:

• Better Fuel Efficiency – In addition, Economy mode use can result in up to 15% less fuel consumption compared to the C Series.
• More Performance – Finish the job faster. Increased hydraulic system pressure creates 5% greater stick and bucket forces and increased drawbar pull.
• Proven Reliability and Durability – Maximizes your up-time and provides long life and value. The 320D has endured thousands of hours of operation, through comprehensive field follow program, in a variety of applications throughout the world.
• Ease of Operation – Takes the complication out of operating. The monitor gives you vital operating and performance information, alerts in text, all in a simple, easy to navigate format in one of 27 languages, including Bahasa.
• More Versatility – Takes the complication out of operating. The monitor gives you vital operating and performance information, alerts in text, all in a simple, easy to navigate format in one of 27 languages, including Bahasa.
• Better Serviceability – Making it easier to perform service and routine maintenance. The 320D sets itself apart with the level of ground level access and maintenance features.
• Extended Maintenance Intervals – Less out of pocket expenses over the life of the machine. The 320D provides industry leading maintenance intervals that provide less cost over the life of the machine.
• More Solutions – Caterpillar and it’s dealer network have the ability to match a solution best suited to your needs. Your Cat dealer helps you operate longer with lower costs, by assisting you with a plan that can cover everything from machine configuration to eventual replacement.

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