Hyundai Excavator is a brand of construction equipment that is manufactured by the South Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industries. These excavators are designed for various types of digging and earthmoving projects, ranging from small landscaping jobs to large-scale construction projects.

Increase the profitability of your business with the high productivity and affordability of used Hyundai products. Here, you will find used excavators and equipment that are quality-certified by Hyundai experts. What’s more, you can expect complete support from Hyundai experts and be assured of a hassle-free buying experience.

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Used Hyundai Excavators List for Sale

Used Hyundai 60-7

Used Hyundai 60-7
Used Hyundai 60-7, Year 2011, 3300H

Used Hyundai 60W-7

Used Hyundai 60W-7
Used Excavator Hyundai 60W-7, Year 2011, 2850H

Used Hyundai R220-5

Used Hyundai R220-5
Used Excavator Hyundai R220-5, Year 2006, 5500H

Used Hyundai R225LC-7

Used Hyundai R225LC-7
Used Hyundai R225LC-7, Year 2012, 3650H

Hyundai Excavators

No matter what line of work you're in, You can count on Hyundai excavators to deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and industry-leading fuel efficiency—guaranteed. Hyundai excavators' ease of operation, durability, and their latest safety and technology features ensure your operators can work productively, all the time. As a plus, our excavators are down-right easy to maintain for maximum uptime.


Compact Excavators

A compact excavator (aka mini excavator) is your smart choice for site preparation and general excavation projects.

Hyundai's compact line of mini excavators offers exclusive features to help you be productive and realize your projects with maximum uptime.

With their small footprint, low cost, and precise operation. Hyundai compact excavators have won over contractors in a big way.

Crawler Excavators

You'll find a Hyundai crawler excavator model equipped for any digging, lifting and loading application - including confined roadways, major construction projects, mass excavations, heavy-duty mining, scrap handling and more.

Most models feature a Long Carriage (LC) design that maximizes performance in heavy digging and lifting operations. Other options include additional counterweight and boom and arm configurations, so you can handle whatever the job site throws at you.

Wheeled Excavators

With Hyundai's new generation of Wheeled Excavators, you'll roll into - and out of - the toughest jobs.

Featuring advanced controls, increased ground clearance and easy maneuverability in tight spaces, these ultra-reliable machines let you accomplish more work in less time.

A popular choice for operators tacking utility work, street maintenance, and construction site tasks, the Hyundai HW-A series offers efficient digging in a compact, maneuverable excavator.

Hyundai excavator application

Hyundai excavators are versatile machines that can be used for a wide range of applications. Here are some common applications for Hyundai excavators:

  1. Construction: Hyundai excavators are commonly used in construction projects, such as digging foundations, excavating trenches, and moving materials.
  2. Mining: Hyundai excavators are used in mining operations to extract minerals and ore from the ground.
  3. Demolition: Hyundai excavators are useful in demolition projects to demolish buildings and structures.
  4. Landscaping: Hyundai excavators can be used for landscaping projects, such as digging ponds, shaping hills, and clearing land.
  5. Agriculture: Hyundai excavators are used in farming and agriculture to dig irrigation ditches, clear land, and move materials.
  6. Forestry: Hyundai excavators are used in the forestry industry to clear land for logging operations, build roads, and move materials.
  7. Utility work: Hyundai excavators are used for utility work, such as digging trenches for pipelines and laying cables.

Overall, Hyundai excavators are versatile machines that can be used for a variety of applications across multiple industries.

Hyundai excavator advantages

Hyundai excavators offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among customers. Here are some of the advantages of Hyundai excavators:

  1. High-quality construction: Hyundai excavators are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, which ensures durability and reliability.
  2. Fuel efficiency: Hyundai excavators are designed to be fuel-efficient, which helps reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact.
  3. Operator comfort: Hyundai excavators are equipped with ergonomic controls and comfortable cabins, which helps reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.
  4. Advanced technology: Hyundai excavators feature advanced technology, such as GPS and telematics systems, which help improve accuracy and efficiency.
  5. Versatility: Hyundai excavators can be used for a wide range of applications, from construction and mining to landscaping and agriculture.
  6. Easy maintenance: Hyundai excavators are designed for easy maintenance, which helps reduce downtime and keep operating costs low.
  7. Warranty and support: Hyundai offers a comprehensive warranty and support program for their excavators, which gives customers peace of mind and ensures reliable performance.

Overall, Hyundai excavators offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among customers, including durability, fuel efficiency, operator comfort, advanced technology, versatility, easy maintenance, and warranty and support.