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Used CAT Excavator 325DL, Year 2014, 3950H

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Model CAT Excavator 325DL
Year of Manufacture 2014
Working Hour 3950 H
Engine Cat C7
Bucket Size 1 M3
Operate Weight 25330 KG

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325D/325D L Hydraulic Excavator Engine

The Cat® C7 with ACERT™ Technology offers better fuel consumption and reduced wear. It works at the point of combustion to optimize performance and provide low exhaust emissions. By combining ACERT Technology with the new Economy Mode and Power Management, customers can balance the demands of performance and fuel economy to suit their requirements and application.

The Cat® C7 gives the 325D exceptional power and fuel efficiency unmatched in the industry for consistently high performance in all applications.

25D/325D L Hydraulic Excavator Structures

325D structural components and undercarriage are the backbone of the machine’s durability.

Robotic Welding. Up to 95% of the structural welds on a Caterpillar® Excavator are completed by robots. Robotic welds achieve over three times the penetration of manual welds.

Carbody Design and Track Roller Frames. X-shaped, box-section carbody provides excellent resistance to torsion bending. Robot-welded track roller frames are press-formed, pentagonal units to deliver exceptional strength and service life.

Main Frame. Rugged main frame is designed for maximum durability and efficient use of materials. Undercarriage. Durable Cat undercarriage absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability.

Rollers and Idlers. Sealed and lubricated track rollers, carrier rollers, and idlers provide excellent service life, to keep the machine in the field longer.

Standard Undercarriage. The standard undercarriage is well suited for applications that require frequent repositioning of the machine, have restricted working space or uneven, rocky terrain.

Long Undercarriage. The long (L) undercarriage maximizes stability and lift capacity. This long, wide, and sturdy undercarriage offers a very stable work platform.

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