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Used Excavator Hitachi ZX120, year 2015, 2250h

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Model Hitachi Excavator ZX120
Year of Manufacture 2015
Working Hour 2250 H
Engine Isuzu 6BGIT
Bucket Size 0.8 M3
Operate Weight 12700 KG

The Hitachi ZX120 excavator is a mid-sized hydraulic excavator that is designed for a variety of construction and excavation applications. Here are some key features and specifications of the Hitachi ZX120 excavator:

  • Engine: The Hitachi ZX120 excavator is powered by an Isuzu AI-4HK1X engine that produces 112 horsepower.

  • Operating weight: The operating weight of the ZX120 excavator ranges from 12,200 kg to 12,700 kg depending on the configuration.

  • Bucket capacity: The bucket capacity of the ZX120 excavator ranges from 0.45 to 0.89 cubic meters, depending on the type of bucket used.

  • Maximum digging depth: The maximum digging depth of the ZX120 excavator is 5.9 meters, making it suitable for a range of excavation tasks.

  • Hydraulic system: The ZX120 excavator features a powerful hydraulic system that provides smooth and precise control of the machine, allowing for efficient digging and loading operations.

  • Cab and controls: The cab of the ZX120 excavator is spacious and comfortable, with air conditioning and an adjustable seat. The machine's controls are intuitive and easy to use, allowing the operator to work efficiently and safely.

  • Maintenance: The Hitachi ZX120 excavator is designed for easy maintenance, with convenient access to key components and filters. This helps to reduce downtime and keep the machine running smoothly.

  • Fuel efficiency: The ZX120 excavator is designed to be fuel-efficient, with an engine that meets the latest emissions standards. This helps to reduce operating costs and environmental impact.

Overall, the Hitachi ZX120 excavator is a versatile and reliable machine that is well-suited for a range of excavation and construction tasks. Its powerful engine, precise hydraulic system, and comfortable cab make it a popular choice among operators, while its fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance help to keep operating costs low.

How to buy a good used HItachi excavator ZX120

Buying a used Hitachi excavator ZX120 can be a smart investment if you take the time to do your research and make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you buy a good used Hitachi excavator ZX120:

  1. Research the seller: Do some research on the seller before making a purchase. Look for customer reviews and check their reputation with other buyers. Verify their credentials and ask for references to ensure they are legitimate.

  2. Check the condition of the excavator: Inspect the excavator thoroughly before making a purchase. Check for signs of wear and tear, damage, or rust. Check the engine, hydraulics, and other components to make sure they are in good condition.

  3. Get a detailed service history: Ask for a detailed service history of the excavator to determine how well it has been maintained. This should include any repairs, maintenance, or modifications that have been done.

  4. Test drive the excavator: Take the excavator for a test drive to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently. Test all the controls, including the hydraulics, and listen for any unusual noises.

  5. Verify the ownership: Make sure the seller has clear ownership of the excavator and that all the necessary paperwork is in order. This will help avoid any legal issues or disputes later on.

  6. Negotiate the price: Compare the price of the excavator with other similar models on the market and negotiate with the seller to get a fair price. Keep in mind that you may need to factor in shipping and other associated costs when making your final decision.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of buying a good used Hitachi excavator ZX120 that meets your needs and performs well for years to come.